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Gerhard Pfister, National Councillor


Gerhard Pfister (1962) holds a doctorate (Dr. phil) and founded the consultancy Pfister & Netzwerk in 2012. Outstandingly well connected as a National Councillor, educationalist and entrepreneur in all three core areas of the company – politics, education and business – he is the lynch pin of the Pfister Network.

Gerhard Pfister launched his political career in 1998 as a Cantonal Councillor for Zug. As a former president of the Christian Democratic Party (CVP) in Canton Zug and as a National Councillor in Bern since 2003, he is thoroughly conversant with Swiss politics and its mechanisms. Thanks to his responsibilities as Chairman of the board of directors of Elementa Group AG, as Delegate Director of the board of directors of the Montana Institute and as President of the Swiss Federation of Private Schools, he has a very practical knowledge of the issues currently facing educational institutes. Moreover as a former teacher, dean and director in the private school sector, Gerhard Pfister has immense personal experience of the school system and as an entrepreneur. He has seats on the foundation board of Alfred Müller AG as well as on the board of the Adelheid Rehabilitation Clinic and numerous other institutions.

As a networking consultant, like all the partners in the Pfister Network, Gerhard Pfister attaches great importance throughout his activities to independence and entrepreneurial freedom.